I'm a European M.D. with extensive experience spanning over 20 years in the skincare industry. Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered exceptional skincare services and achieved remarkable results for my clients. By leveraging my medical expertise, I have seamlessly integrated my knowledge from the medical field into the realm of skincare. In addition, I hold a valid license as an Esthetician instructor and have successfully guided and graduated numerous aspiring Estheticians over the years. My utmost dedication lies in sharing my wealth of knowledge with both my students and clients, ensuring that your skin receives the highest standard of care possible.


Hello! I'm Alexis, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as an Esthetician at Beyond Aesthetics, where I also proudly serve as one of the Co-Owners. My journey in the world of medical aesthetics has been nothing short of exhilarating! I embarked on this path as an Esthetician, obtained a teaching license, and had the privilege of mentoring numerous aspiring estheticians along the way.

But here's the exciting part—I'm currently on a dynamic career trajectory as an esthetic nurse, determined to equip you with the latest knowledge and skills in skincare. My expertise spans a wide range, including rejuvenating facials, speedy waxing, perfecting brows and lashes, and even guiding you through the art of meditation.

My true passion lies in skincare, and I'm genuinely enthusiastic about embarking on a transformative journey with each client, helping them achieve the epitome of healthy and confident skin. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!


Hi, I'm Taylor a licensed Esthetician here at Beyond Aesthetics Spa. I am very passionate about skin care & all things aesthetics. It is my top priority to be attentive to each client. Targeting specific needs/goals, being able to provide the best treatment. I strive on product knowledge, as well as extending my knowledge to clients on skincare for at home care. I believe every client should be treated equally with great care & respect. My goal is to have each client feel safe & welcomed, while providing them a relaxing, professional service. It brings such joy seeing clients leave happy, confident & refreshed. I look forward to servicing you in the near future!


As one of the partner's here at Beyond Aesthetics Spa & Wellness, I'm not certified to provide you with any services but I will be at the front desk ready to greet you and offer you a refreshment :) 

I spent half a decade in the medical aesthetics industry, specifically medical lasers, so I'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding our skincare services and products. We look forward to helping you accomplish your skin care goals!